MMA Fighter chokes fiancee after noodle incident

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MMA Fighter chokes fiancee after noodle incident

Australian mixed martial arts fighter Julian Wallace plead guilty to one count of assault causing bodily harm and one count of intentionally choking with recklessness.

The victim of the attack on April 28 was his fiancee and fellow MMA fighter Jessy Jess.

Jess told the Daily Telegraph that she arrived home 15 minutes late and brought Wallace the wrong noodles for dinner,
he began to yell, began accusing her of infidelity, landed a headkick wearing
Timberland boots, demanded her engagement ring back and threatened to break her fingers.
He hit her in the face, got a takedown and put pressure on her face and neck. He chased her down,
landed some knees to the ribs, which dropped her, and then he sunk in the choke.
She tapped but he didn’t let go. But Jess was able to escape and then landed a headkick and knocked
out Wallace before calling the police.
Jessy Jess says: one of the hardest things for me to come to terms with, is the fact that the man I was so head over heels in love with,
and professed to be madly in love with me in return, could act the way he did. And I was too stupid to leave. I was too in love to leave.
I truly believed things would get better.
They got worse.
It saddens me that this particular incident had to happen before I finally found the courage to leave.
And it saddens me that I was still so caught in his spell, that I still went back multiple times to see
him even after it happened. I still told him I loved him and I even considered trying to make it work again.
5th time is a charm right?
The reason I came out so publicly about this is because it TERRIFIES me to think that if someone like myself,
a professional fighter, can get so deeply caught in such a toxic and hurtful situation, and knowing how hard
it is to break free of their hold on you, then what hope is there for the women, men and children who don’t
have the physical ability to not only defend themselves but remove themselves from the situation.
Julian Wallace is currently in a relationship with #12 ranked UFC women’s bantamweight fighter Ashlee Evans Smith.
Julian became known in the MMA community in March 2014 when a video of him went viral
after he aggressively went after Ben Nguyen during their staredown, but then was KO’d in 25 seconds in the fight.
Ben Nguyen ended up gettning signed by the UFC and has gone 3 and 1 since that fight.
Since that time Wallace has gone 1-2 and lost his last fight in the XFC on August 27th.
While in the United States, Wallace trains at Team Alpha Male in Sacramento, California.

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