Should MMA have a Scoreboard?

What do you think this Should MMA have a Scoreboard? video?

Should MMA have a Scoreboard?


Woodley vs Wonderboy was another close and controversial decision on Saturday night and got people thinking about judging and scoring.
One idea Joe Rogan has is:
Open scoring announced at the end of each round is a possibility to think about. It would add drama if we knew a fighter needed to finish.
Demian Maia says:
For sure! Like most sports do. I also said that (in 2013) and totally agree
Chas Skelly says:
That’s seriously some food for thought. Not a bad idea!
I would love to know the score! I think the pros far outweigh the cons here! Adds a whole new element to the game!
One of the drawbacks that fighters in the lead may just stall or run away to hold on if they are up 2 nothing going into the third round.
So harsher penalties for stalling and avoiding the fight would have to be enforced in order to counter-act that.
Post your opinions if scores should be announced at the end of rounds in the comment section below.

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