MMA Minute, Conor McGregor getting sued

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MMA Minute, Conor McGregor getting sued

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Gilbert Melendez’s wife says: Hey All. Everyone is asking about Gilbert’s leg. Here is a pic today. He is doing A ok.
Thank you to all for the support. We feel the love.
Gilbert lost a decision to Jeremy Stephens on Saturday.
A security guard is suing Conor McGregor $95,000 because he claims a energy drink can Conor threw hit him in the back of his head
near his left shoulder during the UFC 202 press conference in August 2016. One day after the incident Dana White noted there was a
lawsuit that was already in motion at the time.
Sergio Pettis says:
Congrats @henry_cejudo on the performance. I recall you saying you owe me for the last time we were scheduled.
Detroit in December ? Let’s get it !
Gavin Tucker has four broken bones in his face after his loss to Rick Glenn. But he doesn’t fault the referee for not stopping the
fight. stop blaming the ref for a bad call. that man let me go out on my shield. he visited while i was in the hospital and apologized.
was him and i in that cage. I didnt stop fighting. he saw that. he should sleep easy.
Jon Jones says: You gotta live with tomorrow despite how you’re feeling today
Rizin’s October 15th card adds Jae Hun Moon vs Kevin Petshi


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